Detangling Wetbrush and PK Bleen Hair

4 Best Tools For Detangling Natural Hair

4 Best Tools For Detangling Natural Hair – Pekela Riley Anyone who’ s had the incredible pleasure of raising boys, the way I’ve raised two myself, knows the incredible challenge of making them bathe when they’re young.  After playing for hours in the sun, they would come back in the house and think they could […]

The Pros & Cons of Olaplex

The Pros & Cons of Olaplex by Pekela Riley What’s being talked about in the chair, just as much as the current season of Power?  That would be Olaplex, an in-salon service receiving a lot of buzz in the salon world.  It’s still a relatively new treatment for many, so here’s the scoop on what stylists […]
Healthy Hair In Curly And Course Textures

Indicators Of Healthy Hair In Curly And Course Textures

Indicators Of Healthy Hair In Curly And Course Textures By: Pekela Riley Wonder Woman’s personality as a superhero and princess, is a dazzling mix of nurturing, resiliency and strength.  As Diana the princess, she’s a loving woman of pure femininity, considered soft in relation to her gentle compassion for humanity.  However, despite her care and […]
Styling tricks & tips

Is Your Hair Having An Affair On You?

Styling tricks & tips for surpassing the awkward middle phase of hair growth By: Pekela Riley Do you feel like you’re natural hair can’t be trusted?  Have you been giving it your all, while getting nothing back in return?  You’re thinking you’ve done your job right for the night, giving it all your sweet tender […]
Fresh Takes On Common Protective Styles

Fresh Takes On Common Protective Styles

Fresh Takes On Common Protective Styles By: Pekela Riley In recent years, the go-to protective styles for protecting our delicate ends and retaining length, with minimum manipulation, have been our treasured twist-outs and extensions.  However, at Salon PK we’ve noticed a sensational new crave for Wigs! When our Mommas and Big Mommas rocked a wig […]
Put Some Respeck On My Mane!

Put Some Respeck On My Mane!

Put Some Respeck On My Mane! The Texture Movement & Culture Appropriation By: Pekela Riley (Celebrity Hair Stylist/Owner of Salon PK) @PekelaRiley Texture Power The explosive growth of the “Natural Hair Movement” has evolved into what I like to call “The Texture Movement.”  It’s a lifestyle movement that shouts “Hey Beautiful Black Girl with that […]
Should Curly Hair Be Cut Into Layers?

Should Curly Hair Be Cut Into Layers?

SHOULD CURLY HAIR BE CUT INTO LAYERS? Pekela Riley YES!  Layering is simply the technique of cutting the hair elevated off the scalp.  The desired effect is to create an illusion of fullness and thickness.  When curly hair and texture is cut into layers it can create a stunning illusion of body and movement. A […]
Beauty Bites: Diet Tips

Beauty Bites: Diet Tips for a Dynamic YOU.

Your health is the most important thing that you should maintain. Not your looks, not your size but your health because maintaining your health leads to everything else being maintained. Maintaining your health literally starts with what you put in your body. That’s right the foods you eat can and will impact your body and your hair. […]

Black History Fashion- Kennedy Style.

Black History Fashion- Kennedy Style. In 1953, Genius Fashion Designer- Anne Lowe designed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ wedding dress for iconic marriage to John F. Kennedy. The  legendary iconic dress was constructed out of 50 yards of ivory silk taffeta. Legend has it that just ten days before the wedding ceremony a water line broke in […]

Hair Help for Work Outs

GRRR. When we exercise, our hairstyle doesn’t always look great once we are done sweating it out. But don’t stop working out because your hair won’t look fly afterwards; we have some workout hairstyle tips that will help. Surely your hair health is just as important as your overall health so be certain to protect your hair pre-workout […]
Alopecia Distress, Hair Loss

Ask PK: Alopecia Distress (hair loss)

(Editorial /Celebrity Hair Stylist -Beauty Editor- Broadcast Personality – Pekela “PK” Riley)  Q: I have a bald spot in my hair about the size of a Quarter. Its been there for about 4 months and the hair has slowly started to grow back I went to the doctor and was told it was alopecia (hair […]

Color You Cute: Pro Hair Trends from Salon Pk

Pro Hair Trends When it comes to hair trends no one is more  in tune to the beat of change than a hairstylist. It is our job to stay in the know with the latest hair trends for our clients. Here are some of the big hair trend requests more our very stylish clients. I’m […]

Natural Hair Transitioning Made Easy

Natural Hair Let’s be Real. Natural transitioning hair is not easy  -at all.  For most naturalistas it can take  up to two, three or even more attempts to finally adjust to the challenges of natural hair. Very few of you will wake up one day and decide to  never relax your tresses again and not […]

Don’t Be Bald : Be Beautiful! Salon PK Hair Loss Help

Often times clients with medical or hereditary hair loss have special extension needs. Skill & care have to be priority one. For this Dear client I performed a full sew in utilizing our @salonpk exclusive Brazilian customizable closures over my proven “protective pattern” braid base. This protective pattern ensures that there is no duress to […]

Celebrity Hair How-To: Kerry Washington AMA Faux Bob

  Celebrity Hair is like the beat of our heart at Salon PK Hair Salon. And I so adore that Kerry  Washington is a chameleon with her hair styles, able to go from sleek and modern, to simple and sexy.  She rocked a hot hair style for the American Music Awards this past Sunday that declared- Our “SCANDAL” darling […]

Holiday Hair Flair

“The Look The Life”  this season  calls for us to Be Beautiful -Be Merry!   From company Christmas parties to winter galas and everything in between, it’s holiday hair season and we are sharing some hot ideas & insights from the mane pro’s of Salon Pk Hair Salon for your holiday hair needs. With these pro […]

Sew In Hair Extensions Done Right

 Some make us marvel in their beauty. Others quite simply, make us laugh.  Because the truth is- All sew in hair extensions are not equal.  At Salon Pk hair salon, we hold integrity in practice that  Sew in techniques should be performed with the object of taking care of your real hair.   Sew in […]

Natural Hair Care Options in Jacksonville Florida

 Natural Hair Care Options in Jacksonville Florida are in great demand and we are specialized and ready to meet it. At Salon Pk Hair Salon, we know for women with Afro-textured hair, many have not seen it in its unadulterated natural hair state since childhood.  Even those who are acquainted with the texture of their […]

How to: A.M. HAIR GLAM

  A.M. Hair Style As a hair stylist and beauty editor, I’m asked more about after care of a hair style than even the style selection itself.  And rightfully so. What good is a fab hair style without the tools to maintain it?  Well, sweet dreams darlings.  You don’t have to lose sleep to stay […]

Hair Extensions & the ‘B’ word.

Hair Extensions & the ‘B’ word Ooo.. The B word. The feared bond. Indeed, we’ve all heard that bonded hair extensions can be bad for your hair, but after nearly two decades as a pro-stylist , I can honestly assure to you that’s not the case. At least that shouldn’t be the case. Bonded Hair […]

What’s The Best Hair Cut For Your Face Shape?

As a stylist, I take this in consideration every single time I’m asked to perform a hair cut, even if they’re holding the billionth picture of Rihanna (who I so love!) in hand. With this in mind I wanted to discuss a few common facial shapes (there are others). So, choose wisely and remember your […]

Who’s to Blame For your Dandruff?

If you have scalp flakes and itching, then you probably have dandruff. Approximately half of all individuals have classic dandruff ranging from being on a regular basis or just occasionally according to many experts. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: If you are suffering with dandruff, then you have a fungus. Naturally, this is not a pleasant thought- […]

Stress and Hair Loss

Many of my clients ask this question on a daily basis, “Does stress really thin your hair out?” Well, ladies and gentlemen the answer to this question is a firm “yes.” It’s no myth. Here’s why… Telogen Effluvium: Sudden stress related hair loss which appears as thinning throughout the whole scalp Telogen Effluvium occurs when […]

Kiddie and Bi-Racial Hair Help

I’m a proud biracial woman, and even though I love my curly hair sometimes I’d like to switch things up and go straight. My hair is actually pretty thick and because it’s so dense some people suggest that I get a kiddie perm. What do you think? Sara – Southside I love that you have […]

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Explained

The true Keratin treatment The use of the Brazilian Keratin treatment to smooth hair began in rural Brazil more than 10 years ago when someone discovered that certain preservative chemicals seemed to link keratin to hair, resulting in frizz-free locks that lasted for months. This got the attention of Brazilian cosmetic manufacturers, who began testing […]

Great Sew-ins deserve the best in Virgin Indian Hair

Lots of freelance travel has proven to be inspiring and provided access to direct connections to many creditable Virgin Indian hair collectors in India. Motivated to provide only the best in services and products, Salon PK Hair Salon offers 100% pure Indian Remy Hair for our discerning sew-in clients. In order to provide our customers […]