Natural Hair Care Options in Jacksonville Florida

 Natural Hair Care Options in Jacksonville Florida are in great demand and we are specialized and ready to meet it. At Salon Pk Hair Salon, we know for women with Afro-textured hair, many have not seen it in its unadulterated natural hair state since childhood.  Even those who are acquainted with the texture of their […]

How to: A.M. HAIR GLAM

  A.M. Hair Style As a hair stylist and beauty editor, I’m asked more about after care of a hair style than even the style selection itself.  And rightfully so. What good is a fab hair style without the tools to maintain it?  Well, sweet dreams darlings.  You don’t have to lose sleep to stay […]

Hair Extensions & the ‘B’ word.

Hair Extensions & the ‘B’ word Ooo.. The B word. The feared bond. Indeed, we’ve all heard that bonded hair extensions can be bad for your hair, but after nearly two decades as a pro-stylist , I can honestly assure to you that’s not the case. At least that shouldn’t be the case. Bonded Hair […]

What’s The Best Hair Cut For Your Face Shape?

As a stylist, I take this in consideration every single time I’m asked to perform a hair cut, even if they’re holding the billionth picture of Rihanna (who I so love!) in hand. With this in mind I wanted to discuss a few common facial shapes (there are others). So, choose wisely and remember your […]

Who’s to Blame For your Dandruff?

If you have scalp flakes and itching, then you probably have dandruff. Approximately half of all individuals have classic dandruff ranging from being on a regular basis or just occasionally according to many experts. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: If you are suffering with dandruff, then you have a fungus. Naturally, this is not a pleasant thought- […]