Stress and Hair Loss

Many of my clients ask this question on a daily basis, “Does stress really thin your hair out?” Well, ladies and gentlemen the answer to this question is a firm “yes.” It’s no myth. Here’s why… Telogen Effluvium: Sudden stress related hair loss which appears as thinning throughout the whole scalp Telogen Effluvium occurs when […]

Kiddie and Bi-Racial Hair Help

I’m a proud biracial woman, and even though I love my curly hair sometimes I’d like to switch things up and go straight. My hair is actually pretty thick and because it’s so dense some people suggest that I get a kiddie perm. What do you think? Sara – Southside I love that you have […]

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Explained

The true Keratin treatment The use of the Brazilian Keratin treatment to smooth hair began in rural Brazil more than 10 years ago when someone discovered that certain preservative chemicals seemed to link keratin to hair, resulting in frizz-free locks that lasted for months. This got the attention of Brazilian cosmetic manufacturers, who began testing […]

Great Sew-ins deserve the best in Virgin Indian Hair

Lots of freelance travel has proven to be inspiring and provided access to direct connections to many creditable Virgin Indian hair collectors in India. Motivated to provide only the best in services and products, Salon PK Hair Salon offers 100% pure Indian Remy Hair for our discerning sew-in clients. In order to provide our customers […]