The Pros & Cons of Olaplex

The Pros & Cons of Olaplex by Pekela Riley

What’s being talked about in the chair, just as much as the current season of Power?  That would be Olaplex, an in-salon service receiving a lot of buzz in the salon world.  It’s still a relatively new treatment for many, so here’s the scoop on what stylists at Salon PK think about “The Big O.”

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is an additive to your bleach or color that prevents your hair from breaking, giving it more lift or lighting.

Why is it receiving so much hype?

One of the biggest concerns with color treatment is compromising the curl pattern.  This is so because usually when you bleach and color the hair, bonds are altered and broken, creating an unavoidable breakage to the hair.  However, with Olaplex you can leave bleach on the hair longer, and instead of breaking and damaging the hair, you’re actually keeping it in a better condition to achieve even healthier hair.

The Good

At Salon PK, are thoughts of Olaplex are ALL GOOD…and for texture hair it’s only a plus!  We typically apply it with color or a Brazilian Bond treatment.  It intermixes with colors well and achieves great lighting.  The better looking hair color is always the healthier one.  So Olaplex can be the difference between a stunning color, like a sharp blonde that makes heads turn – versus a dull blonde that gets unnoticed.

The Bad/Ugly

There’s nothing bad or ugly about healthier hair!  The biggest complaint amongst stylists is the longer processing time.  However, this is just something to discuss before an appointment with the client.  Multi-lift color with Olaplex on average takes about an hour longer.  Plus with color in general, there are so many variables to getting the color done right.  So ladies, don’t try to schedule this during a lunch break or right before picking the kids up from school.  

But I believe there should never be a trade-off to exchange time for unhealthier hair.    Of course it’s an added charge, but it’s worth it.  In addition, I wouldn’t use it on extensions.  Nor would I use it on a relaxer, just the post treatment. 

What natural textures is it best for?

It’s equally beneficial for all types of hair.  At Salon PK we highly recommend it if you have more course Type 4 hair, because it’s more prone to breakage without a treatment to keep the bonds intact.

Is it the next big revolution in hair care?  

Ummm…I wouldn’t go that far.  Until there’s indestructible or water proof hair, we have not discovered the perfect hair care miracle yet.  However, Olaplex is definitely an added value.  It gives the stylist another tool in the #HairSlay belt to create a healthier color.

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