Black History Fashion- Kennedy Style.

Black History Fashion- Kennedy Style.
In 1953, Genius Fashion Designer- Anne Lowe designed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ wedding dress for iconic marriage to John F. Kennedy. The  legendary iconic dress was constructed out of 50 yards of ivory silk taffeta. Legend has it that just ten days before the wedding ceremony a water line broke in Lowe’s New York City studio and completely destroyed the First Lady’s gown along with all of her bridesmaids dresses. But that didn’t stop Lowe, she worked to tireless exhaust to recreate all eleven designs in time for the Rhode Island nuptials! Sadly,  the only mention Lowe received by name was a blip  in the Washington Post where fashion editor Nine Hyde simply wrote “… the dress was designed by a Negro, Ann Lowe.” #thelookthelife

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