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Ask PK: Alopecia Distress (hair loss)

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 Q: I have a bald spot in my hair about the size of a Quarter. Its been there for about 4 months and the hair has slowly started to grow back I went to the doctor and was told it was alopecia (hair loss) and my doctor referred me to a dermatologist I have not been to that appointment just yet what can I do? I’m a young black male and I’m trying to find a way to get my hair cut to make this not so noticeable. What healthy hair & scalp tips do you have?
-Tony B
 Tony, you are not alone, in your quest for healthy hair & scalp. Sadly, there are  simply many people affected with hair loss. Your doctor was on point when he told you that your condition was alopecia, however there are many types of alopecia such as areata  alopecia, scarring alopecia or androgenic and more. Some alopecias is like alopecia areata are acute auto immune conditions, that’s why it will be important that you keep your appointment with the dermatologist. Also follow up your doctor for lab work for blood work to see if you have any thyroid or blood pressure problems. Thyroid and blood pressure conditions and medications are a leading calls of hair loss.
   With that being said there are some things that you can do to help the appearance of your hair and scalp. Your haircut may have to be cut really close or faded to blend the area of hair loss depending on exactly  where it is on your head.  If  the patch is at the crown of the head,  allowing the other hair to remain fuller may provide some coverage and blend. If it’s a really small patch, a hair color stick for grey touch up-ups can aid in making the scalp thinning less obvious.

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 In addition, you want to make sure that your diet is balanced and that you are getting enough hair building essentials like protein. Make certain that you’re getting enough rest or sleep. Without proper rest cortisol levels raise in the body as a stressor and deplete nourishment to the hair and skin causing thinning among other health conditions. Another healthy hair habit is to supplement your diet with a good multivitamin and make certain that has enough iron. Reinforce that supplementation with a good dose of Biotin, which is proven to promote healthier ,shinier ,softer hair. Last but least stimulation can help areas of alopecia to grow again. Simply lightly massaging the area of hair loss a few minutes a day will help stimulate blood circulation and increase the growth rate. As a precaution you want to make certain that you let your doctor know of any supplements you may add to your diet.
     The most important points to all of this- is that we have to remember that our hair is going from the inside out. It’s may appear to be superficial in function but it serves as a great indicator of our internal health.

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