Hair Help for Work Outs

Hair Help for Work OutsGRRR. When we exercise, our hairstyle doesn’t always look great once we are done sweating it out. But don’t stop working out because your hair won’t look fly afterwards; we have some workout hairstyle tips that will help. Surely your hair health is just as important as your overall health so be certain to protect your hair pre-workout and during your workout. Putting your hair up in a bun or a ponytail are great exercising hairstyles. After that, you can pat your hair with a towel to avoid sweat going into your roots. If hair gets damp, wrap hair under scarf until its completely dry again and then precede with styling. Re-wrapping serves as another set and will keep the hair smoother than free form air drying.

Develop a workout schedule
If you work-out three times a week, then you should co-wash during the week as well. If you wash or straighten your hair on Saturday, then Sunday to Thursday, you can do yoga and low impact exercising that doesn’t leave your hair soaked. Friday to Saturday, you do a more intense workout because you are going to wash your hair anyway.Hair Help for Work Outs

You have to develop a workout schedule that works with your hair regimen.

Save Your Do Gym WrapOn the radar: Actress Nicole Ari Parker created and founded the Save Your Do Gym Wrap, so we can stop those workout excuses. Hopefully.

The Save Your Do Gym Wrap is a stylish headband developed with a patent-pending revolutionary “Edge Control Technology” that minimizes sweat absorption through a unique blend of materials that allows heat to escape while letting cool air in. The moisture ‘wicking’ process occurs at the molecular level within the fabric resulting in drier flat hair!

The Atlanta-based actress had a interview with ESPN, where she dished on her new invention and why it was so important for her to get back in the gym. It’s Worth a try divas.

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