Natural Hair Transitioning Made Easy

Natural Hair

Let’s be Real. Natural transitioning hair is not easy  -at all.  For most naturalistas it can take  up to two, three or even more attempts to finally adjust to the challenges of natural hair. Very few of you will wake up one day and decide to  never relax your tresses again and not waver in the least. At Salon^PK , we  find people struggling with natural hair  transitioning -especially in the early stages.

While some women are able to complete natural hair transitioning -many after 6 months or a year are ready to give up. With reasons cited including lack of length and problems with detangling. Not to mention it takes a long time to reach long hair status with natural hair. Fact is, the longer it gets, the more time and effort it requires to maintain (at least when it comes to detangling). While short natural hair is a perfectly fine solution in transitioning natural hair..not many truly want to stay short. But more than anything, it’s the brutal tension of relaxed hair versus the natural  hair transitioning at the roots!!

But no worries..we are here to help. With a good dose of patience and  properly performed protective styling -Salon Pk can prove to be your greatest ally in your journey.

 As a Natural Hair Transitioning Option-Protective styling by Salon Pk  allows your natural hair transitioning to happen without worry, hair tension and unruly hair days.natural hair

As you can see : This is a 100% completely closed -no loose hair- sew in. No hair is left out at all- wich protects every strand from heat damage and eliminates blending issues. We performed this salon pk Brazilian custom closure sew in for a dear client who is Transitioning from relaxed to natural. For more info on our custom closure sew ins for protective  natural hair transitioning   .. Call us 904 636 0787 #extensions #jax #sewin


Natural hair

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