Color You Cute: Pro Hair Trends from Salon Pk

Pro Hair Trends at Salon PK

Pro Hair Trends

When it comes to hair trends no one is more  in tune to the beat of change than a hairstylist. It is our job to stay in the know with the latest hair trends for our clients. Here are some of the big hair trend requests more our very stylish clients.
I’m going to start with color. Everyone loves color and one of the colors that has came back around, well it never really left, is blonde, caramel and golden hues and shades. You can go all out and rock a full blonde hair color like Beyonce or you can highlight your hair in your bangs or throughout your hair.Pro Hair Trends at Salon PK
Some of the most popular hairstyles that I have seen include the heavy bang with long tresses, in a bob or with a high ponytail. The heavy bang style is edgy and also sassy.
Another popular style is the swoop bang. This bang is classic and can be parted and worn on either side of the head. The swoop bang can be worn with long or short hair. Many are opting for the shorter cuts and even bobs with the heavier swoop bang.Pro Hair Trends at Salon PK
Also, I am styling more updos. My clients want more sophisticated Mohawks to rock or want their hair positioned in a tight bun at the front of their head. You can do this style with natural or relaxed hair. Pro Hair Trends at Salon PKThese styles are easy to maintain if you wrap your hair every night with a scarf.
Pro Hair Trends at Salon PK

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