Holiday Hair Flair

Holiday Hair Flair“The Look The Life”  this season  calls for us to Be Beautiful -Be Merry!   From company Christmas parties to winter galas and everything in between, it’s holiday hair season and we are sharing some hot ideas & insights from the mane pro’s of Salon Pk Hair Salon for your holiday hair needs. With these pro holiday hair tips and expertise, you’ll look party-ready in a flash.

Holiday hair tips

1.”The chignon can take you from dinner with your boyfriend’s parents to a cocktail party without missing a beat. The classic chignon can be centered, but looks very alluring when placed to one side.” -P.Riley

2.”A big trend for holiday hair styles is an update on the half up/half down style. The modern version is softer and more romantic with the sides softly pulled back, or just pulling the hair from the temples back and leaving the hair above the ears down. Where you gather hair in the back is the perfect place to add an accessory; you can use a pin, a brooch or even an earring to dress up this style”. -L.Kellam

3.”Adding height to the crown can be tricky, but when done in the right proportions, it conveys holiday hair with added glamour”.-M.Quaintance

4.”When hair is touchable, approachable, and a little disheveled, there’s something supersexy about it.”-C.Meadows

5.”Instead of doing the obvious—amplifying a brilliant dress with flashy jewelry, a high updo, & lots of makeup— tone it down and balance”.-P.Riley

6.”Textured tresses are a great way to offset a sleek gown. Thinks layers and wispy, sexy ends.”-P.Riley

7.”Adding a jeweled or metallic accessory always serves an instant dose of glamour.” R.Law

8. “Nothing says holiday glamour like soft, touchable curls. “-P.Riley

9. “Pulling your hair back off your face will show off your gorgeous neckline. The key to this style is volume and lots of it!  I typically Tease,  and curl before pulling back your hair into a ponytail  wrap into a big loose bun and secure with pins.” -P.Riley

If you really want to amp up your  holiday hair look, why not come into Salon Pk Hair Salon to get style certainty ? Our stylist can give you the glamorous looking Holiday hair  you want, without the hassle, in a professional, nationally acclaimed hair salon. For info about us visit or give us a call at 904-636-0787 and book today! Get with the holiday hair flair!

“When it comes to headbands, less is more—you don’t want them to detract from the hairstyle.”

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