Sew In Hair Extensions Done Right

Sew In Hair Extensions Done Right Some make us marvel in their beauty. Others quite simply, make us laugh.  Because the truth is- All sew in hair extensions are not equal.  At Salon Pk hair salon, we hold integrity in practice that  Sew in techniques should be performed with the object of taking care of your real hair.   Sew in hair extensions can give you freedom from your own hair,  but more importantly  it provides more reasons to pay attention closer attention to your hair. While a professionally done sew-in can provide protection and rest for your tresses, poorly  “installed” sew in methods  can cause considerable damage, thinning and breakage to your fragile hair. As stylist that value our clients trust, we’ve weighed out the integral value of quality based results vs volume focused practices used in other hubs. Each of our finely braided  bases for our sew-ins are uniquely created for your hair  conditioning needs, thinning areas, minimal hair line tension, natural head form and realistic smoothness. We know we owe the women of Jacksonville top long term hair care and could never- ever compromise  sound, time tested techniques for  unsafe, non practical use of large section braiding, rubber bands, plastic or metal hardware or gimmicky volume sales methods that sacrifice the expertise in your sew in styling. Unfortunately many in this class will promote  volume based sew in methods without true regard to your hair history, alternate options or current condition of your very fragile scalp.

Sew In Hair Care

Hair care has to be  focal to any sew in. If you’re ultimate goal is  to grow your hair out or you have broken frontal hairs ,  often times  we may recommended that you have a full closure hair extension install .  This means none of your hair would be left out.  This method  keeps the hair growing at the same rate and it can be used as a protective style when temple and bang hairs need a rehab rest from heat or relaxer touch ups.  Partial sew ins or part left out sew ins ” have to pressed or flat ironed  to blend in with the hair extensions and then utilized to cover the tracks. This method  gives a client a more natural look, however  conscious moderation is key because you would have to flat iron your hair to manage the blend. Using too much heat can lead the hair that’s left out becoming broken and shorter due to heat damage. At Salon Pk, we educate our clients in heat-free maintenance strategies and provide them the absolute best in thermal protectant products and tools to maintain a healthy sew-in.

Tips for getting a safe sew in involve getting to know the stylist who will be performing the sew in. What’s their reputation for hair care and experience? Are they licensed? Are there advertising photos pictures of their actual sew in work? What are their long term healthy hair strategies for exiting from hair extensions or will they work hard to keep you reliant on extensions?

Now for a few Sew in tips:

  • We recommended that you get a new sew in about every 8-12 weeks and allow your hair to breathe for a few days or even weeks between sew in installs. The hair is always growing so,  once you feel the braids getting too loose and displaced, it’s time for a re-install. We perform tightening touch ups at no cost to maximize the life of the sew-in but the actual time a sew-in lasts can vary person to person based on growth rate, shedding tendency and hair textures.
  • 2. How to maintain the hair under the sew in? We insist on shampooing  and conditioning  your hair about every two weeks. We target make certain to target  the braids & dry in leave in conditioners. We will never advise skipping shampoos for added sew in wear..after all, it’s your real hair that we want to keep healthy. Make sure your hair is dry before getting from under the dryer; don’t feel the weave to determine if your hair is dry. It’s important that your hair braids underneath are dried  properly to prevent fungal scalp conditions.
  • 3. What kind of hair should be used to sew in?- We offer the best in the very versatile Virgin Indian Hair. This hair can be worn, curly, wavy or straightened and it can last up to 2yrs with repeated use.  The alternate would be that of a high quality remi hair. Cheaper hairs are not recommended because often times they don’t hold up for the life of even one sew in.
  • 4.  If it hurts alot, it’s too tight. Tighter sew-ins dont last longer, they only damage your scalp. We install with the least amount of tension practical to achieve your style.
  • 5. Don’t skimp on a expert cut and color to ensure the most natural looking sew in possible. Blunt cuts and poorly place color are tell tell signs of a sub par sew in job.  We proudly excel in the most natural textured cutting techniques for sew-ins that are simply beautiful.

Remember, don’t get so caught up in the weave and how much you  love it, that you assume sew in hair extensions is a free pass  out of seeking true  hair care . When we disregard about our hair underneath , our hair  becomes a victim of “Hair Negligence”. At Salon Pk’s Jacksonville Hair Salon, our primary goal is to service you  in a manner that keeps you and your hair at their absolute best. That’s been our promise from day one. So Contact Us today!!


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