Natural Hair Care Options in Jacksonville Florida

 Natural Hair Care Options in Jacksonville Florida are in great demand and we are specialized and ready to meet it.

At Salon Pk Hair Salon, we know for women with Afro-textured hair, many have not seen it in its unadulterated natural hair state since childhood.  Even those who are acquainted with the texture of their natural hair are not comfortable styling their hair in ways they believe are fashionable and appropriate for them. Figuring out which of the countless hair-care tools,  products and style techniques can be overwhelming. We’ve been diligent in education to give the desired support to our natural hair sisters that visit our salon in Jacksonville, Fl.

Natural Hair Transitioning

Natural Hair Transitioning methods are in great demand as well. No doubt. Growing your hair out from relaxed to natural can surely be a daunting task; however there are several strategies that can reduce the fret and frizz of the transitioning. The ease of these strategies will be based on your natural hair texture, lifestyle, and  even keratin treatments for some.

First let me state that the softer or looser your natural hair texture is, the easier it will be to have both relaxed hair and new growth coexist. Therefore, the opposite will be true of really course, thick hair. This is because the degree of difference between the two will determine the amount of tension you will need to apply in general styling. The greater the hair textures vary (from relaxed hair to natural hair), the more impact stress to the demarcation line where they meet. If you have very course hair, it may actually be practical to cut the hair after several inches of natural hair has grown in as to not experience considerable breaking and shedding. If you hair is soft this may not be required until much later, if at all. Ideally, one inch new growth equals one inch  of relaxed hair transitioned away at Salon Pk hair salon.

Having acknowledged the role that natural hair texture will play, we have to factor in life style? Are you active in exercise or work out doors? Do you perspire generally or due to hormone changes?  If this is the case, sew-ins, straw sets, or protective styling with hair extensions may prove to be a viable option when pressing reversion is inevitable. These styles can be worn for extended periods and provide low maintenance, low frizz periods of style management.   At Salon Pk hair salon, many of our clients in Jacksonville have benefited greatly  from genuine Keratin treatment for easier management of their natural hair textures.  Keratin Treatments provide considerable strengthening, shine, smoothing to unruly hair for many of our natural hair/ and color treated clients in Jacksonville.

At Salon Pk , we are passionate in hair care because we know that relaxed hair, natural hair and all healthy hair begins with moisture and healthy scalp.  And thus going natural is not a solution damaged hair. Relaxed hair can be healthy when cared for properly, just as we’ve seen natural hair damaged and tattered.

Its important to Ask yourself,  What are your expectations of your natural hair? Are you willing to give up some things, to gain others? Natural hair is more resilient, yet it takes much  more effort to keep a polished look. Are you tolerant to any wave or texture reversion when it’s humid outside, or not swimming at your leisure? Does it have to stay pressed straight or is the curly look more your style? The answer to these questions will help to indicate if relax or natural is best for you.  Every day we help women who visit our Jacksonville Salon in  considering natural hair choices and providing great hair styles  every step of the way.  For many, growing natural provides benefits that outlast the challenges of the hair transition. Call us today for your free consultation at Salon Pk hair salon, Jacksonville Florida 904-636-0787.



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