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As a hair stylist and beauty editor, I’m asked more about after care of a hair style than even the style selection itself.  And rightfully so. What good is a fab hair style without the tools to maintain it?  Well, sweet dreams darlings.  You don’t have to lose sleep to stay beautiful and wake up with gorgeous hair. I’ve comprised just a few Salon PK  Hair Salon favorites to help your  “A.M. Hair Glam”.

1. If you wear bangs- never tie the down on the hair on your  forehead. Instead direct them to either side in a semi wrap motion. This will not only keep the bang hair sleek and straight while providing more body than tying downward, it will help to keep your forehead blemish free by allowing the skin to breathe at night.

2. If  you  like body- don’t wrap your hair. That’s right. Do Not wrap the hair. Wrapping the hair gives the hair instructions to lie completely flat. Therefore any bevels or body created in the styling will be totally flatten out in your attempt to prep the hair for bed. For some time now I’ve advise my clients on a quick & easy pin curl night set and they absolutely love the body it provides. Begin by smoothing oversize sections of hair into flat bun like pin curls. Secure with pins and tie down with a satin scarf.

3. Twist or braid natural hair and wavy indian hair extensions to enhance manageability and texture- every night. Never skip  your satin cap or bonnet.

4. For a short hair style ditch your wrap cap for a satin pillow case. Wrap caps flatten curls and make creases in the hair style. A satin pillow case allows for you to rest without frizzing & friction or  smothering your short tresses.

5. Use Hair  moisturizers at night. This allows for adequate moisture absorbing time without wetness or product weight in the a.m.

Get A Great Hair Style at Salon PK

At Salon PK Hair Salon, we know the value of service after the sale.  From sending you home with salon exclusive products, transitioning from relaxed to natural hair or hair color care, we pride ourselves in providing knowledgable service without compromise and  educating women like you on how to keep their hair beautiful and most importantly – healthy.


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