Hair Extensions & the ‘B’ word.

hair extensionsHair Extensions & the ‘B’ word

Ooo.. The B word. The feared bond. Indeed, we’ve all heard that bonded hair extensions can be bad for your hair, but after nearly two decades as a pro-stylist , I can honestly assure to you that’s not the case. At least that shouldn’t be the case.

Bonded Hair Extensions

There are all types of  hair extensions , but the one that gets the worst rap by far is- Bonding. Bonding is a process in which you use a special glue to secure the added hair near the scalp.  For temporary style tweeks or added color highlights this technique is virtually ideal. Unless there is a latex allergy, soundly,  the act of bonding  hair extensions alone shouldn’t scare you from giving this process a try, because  when done correctly, hair extensions will not take your hair out- at all. Of course the flip side of that is when you have it done incorrectly, then you have trouble.

People who bond hair in incorrectly and use excessive amounts of glue are setting you up for disaster.  Placement and education is key. An Experienced stylist knows that the level of competent technique will determine the outcome.  We do a fair amount of hair extensions at Salon PK Hair Salon with fab styling and healthy hair in tact.

How long should bonded hair extensions last?

Typically a fresh set of bonded hair extensions should last about four weeks. That’s provided you shampoo your hair every two weeks. However if you shampoo your hair every weekly  it’s going to last for only two weeks. Latex bond loosens daily due to the natural sebum production on the scalp. This actually a good thing- it allows for gentle removal at the end of the style.We  encourage all of our clients to call us and let us- the professionals  take care of any lifting or loose ends. We do that for no charge because in your DIY attempt – you may most likely end up with a glob of glue in your hair. That little corner that maybe lifted, leave it alone. We ‘gotchu.’

Unfortunately, we’ve seen people who’ve come in -after the fact- and their hair is balding around the edges..or  others who have extreme breakage from trying to save or cut corners by having less skilled stylist perform those services.  It is so sad because it could have been avoided.  At Salon PK we never cut corners or perform gimmicky techniques on your hair. Our focus will never be the fast buck, but sound and safe techniques to accomplish your style needs. We will  only execute with the  long term care of your hair in mind  versus those who exploit consumers with  pronto for profit mindsets.  Remember price is what you pay but value is what you get. When it comes to your hair, expertise is always the wise choice.

Whether it’s a properly done sew-in, custom wig, safe bonding techniques or transitioning protective styling, call us at 904-636-0787 and we will gladly  consult on what hair extensions are right for you.



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