Great Sew-ins deserve the best in Virgin Indian Hair

Virgin Indian HairLots of freelance travel has proven to be inspiring and provided access to direct connections to many creditable Virgin Indian hair collectors in India. Motivated to provide only the best in services and products, Salon PK Hair Salon offers 100% pure Indian Remy Hair for our discerning sew-in clients. In order to provide our customers with only the best grade of hair available, Salon PK Virgin Indian Hair undergoes a rigorous and careful selection process. All of our Virgin Indian Hair is sanitized and properly conditioned. Due to its soft manageable texture, as well as its strength and durability, Virgin Indian Hair is recommended by hair stylists here at Salon PK Hair Salon to achieve glamorous Hollywood celebrity looks. Don’t just sit there wishing you had luxurious looking sew-in, rock your inner diva with the best Virgin Indian Hair, by Salon^PK.

Here is a list of our Virgin Indian Hair selections for Sew-Ins:


Straight Indian Remy Hair

The Straight Virgin Indian Hair has a soft and velvety-smoothly texture. The straight Indian hair has a slight wave pattern which is a typical characteristic of natural Virgin Indian Hair. This Virgin Indian Hair can be easily curled for goddess-like curls or flat ironed for that super sexy sleek look.

Straight To Wavy Indian Hair

The Straight to Wavy Virgin Indian Hair provides a luscious full body with its naturally soft waves. The Straight to Wavy Indian hair is versatile as it can be styled naturally, straight, or curled.

Wavy Indian Remy Hair

The wavy Virgin Indian Hair features natural deep waves for the ultimate wavy look. Also known as the wet and wavy, the more you wet it, the waiver it gets! The wavy Indian hair can be worn naturally or straight.

Curly Indian Remy Hair

If you are looking for beautiful tight curls with lots of bounce and body, the curly Virgin Indian Hair is for you. The curly Indian hair is popular among today’s business woman who are constantly on the go but still want that professionally put together look. Easy to maintain and tangle free.

Frequently Asked Questions


It usually takes 8 oz. to do a full weave. It can take up to 12oz for very long and fuller styles.

(A pack contains 4oz.), so two packs.


All Virgin Indian Hair comes in a blend between off black and dark brown tones in natural color.


Yes. As the Virgin Indian Hair is unprocessed with the cuticles still intact, the hair can be colored to your preference with professional coloring products. Keep in mind that proper conditioning is a must after coloring any hair. Custom Coloring may incur an additional charge.


Your Virgin Indian Hair can be styled in many ways using heat styling tools. However, please keep in mind that each time you apply heat it damages the hair, decreasing the longevity of the hair. Ceramic styling tools are recommended.


Yes. Once the hair is wet, it will go back to the original texture.

Virgin Indian Hair Care Instruction

Daily Maintenance of Virgin Indian Hair

Weave hair has no roots, therefore it is recommended that you keep the sheen with one of these following products: Encompass by HAIR ELEMENTS

DO NOT use oil, grease or hairdress cream on the hair. This will make hair sticky and tangle.

Try to wrap the hair with a silk scarf or bonnet before going to bed. A satin pillow case is recommended.

DO NOT go to sleep on wet hair. This will cause matting.

DO NOT COMB THE HAIR EXCESSIVELY. This will cause the hair to fall out of the weave track.

When combing Virgin Indian Hair, use a wide tooth comb, gently comb from the bottom working your way up without putting harsh tension on the hair

Shampooing Instructions

Always take all tangles out before shampooing.

Use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Soak the hair in the basin; let it sit for 1-2 minutes.

Comb the hair with a wide tooth shampoo comb. Start from the bottom and work your way up. (DO NOT RUB THE HAIR.)

Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Pat dry with a towel.

Air dry or blow dry, depending on style.

Use recommended maintenance product.

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